Dependable protection for Journalists

Who do we cover?

Our protection solutions are designed to protect journalists, whether freelance or employed, including reporters, producers, photojournalists, stills photographers, camera crew, sound engineers and production staff at home and working on assignments all over the world.

As well as protecting individuals we also specialise in membership benefits  for federations and membership associations, please contact us to arrange a scheme to protect your members that is tailored to your specific requirements.

What does our policy cover?

Our protection is based on where you travel to and includes:

• Accidental death
• Permanent total disablement
• Medical expenses (accident and sickness)
• Medical evacuation and repatriation back to your home country.

Our weekly membership benefits are ideal for journalists, production teams, film-makers, and staff on location in war zones, rebellions, terrorist affected areas or remote regions on trips of just a few days to many months. You can get a quote in just a few seconds here.

Simple and affordable

Don’t pay more than you need to. Our membership benefits are extremely flexible and protection is available from one week to an entire year.

We can provide protection from $100,000 to $500,000 for accidental death and disablement cover with sickness and accident medical expenses including evacuation and repatriation with rates based on our 5 zones.

Protection is affordable in even our highest risk zone which covers countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

We accept payments in US Dollars ($) or Euros () via the following credit cards:

We use Worldpay to accept credit cards

Where are you covered?

We offer worldwide protection worldwide including Afghanistan, Iraq, Central African Republic, Sudan and Syria.

We can offer protection for journalists being transported in military vehicles including aeroplanes and helicopters. If the story takes you to places where there is war – whether declared or not – civil war, terrorism or rebellion then insurance for Journalists protection is for you.

Insurance for travel in military vehicle, air transport

We even provide protection for

• War – whether declared or not
• Civil war
• Terrorism
• Rebellion

What don’t we cover?

We understand how difficult your role in the field can be and so we’ve worked hard to keep the list of exclusions as small as possible.

• Being a combatant
• Death by natural causes
• Losses caused by nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

Please refer to our policy wording for the full list of exclusions.

Insurance exclusions for Journalists
repatriation and medical support for injured journalists

World-class worldwide emergency response

If you need urgent assistance we are there to help.

Our independent claims and assistance providers, NGS are redefining international assistance. NGS is normally with a client in urban areas within 40 minutes (and often much faster). This makes the typical 3-7 day industry standard response time obsolete.

With over 7000 service providers they maintain a capability in every country in the world. About 75% of the work hours in the Operations Centre is spent on building and maintaining the network of service providers, locally and globally.

Efficient claims handling

Membership claims are handled by a dedicated claims handling company to ensure a speedy and sympathetic process.

Most users will have 24/7 access to our global emergency response team

We also provide a card to be left with loved ones advising how and when to make a claim. If you ever have a question just get in touch.

Claims handling for Journalists overseas

Useful downloads

You can find additional information about our membership benefits and downloads covering subjects like terms and conditions on our FAQ page . If we can help with anything else please get in touch.