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Insurance is a serious subject and in creating our specialist insurance cover for journalists  scheme we worked with a number of journalists in the field, past and present, as well as the IFJ and the IPI.  We aim to make insurance as simple, effective and inexpensive as possible so that every journalist, including freelances, can afford the essential cover they need.

We’ve attempted to cover as many of the key questions below but if you don’t find the answer you need then just drop us a line or give us a call.

Am I eligible to purchase™ ?
You are eligible to buy™ if you are a journalist or member of the media sector such as a producer, sound recordist or fixer; and you are aged at least 18 years.
When and where am I covered under my™ plan?
You are covered 24/7 for the number of weeks purchased, including while at work or at leisure. Cover is restricted to countries within the zone(s) you selected. If you selected the Extreme zone then that covers all areas.
What can™ cover me for?
1) Accidental death
2) Permanent disability
3) Medical expenses – from accident and sickness
4) Medical evacuation and repatriation

A full copy of the policy wording can be found here on our downloads page.

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Does™ include cover for war and terrorism?
Yes, as long as the insured is not a combatant actively participating in war or terrorism.
What if I am not traveling to a hostile country? Do I still need™ ?
Typically more accidents happen at home or in your home country than abroad. Your™ cover provides valuable 24/7protection worldwide while at work or leisure.
Can I add additional zones for short periods of time?
Our insurance policies can be purchased on a weekly basis, from one week right up to one year. This includes war zones and US citizens whether at home or abroad.
For insurance rates and cover see the table on our application page.
Our insurance rates and zones
Can I cancel or downgrade my cover?
No return of premium is offered for downgrading or cancellation of zones in your policy
What if I don't see my country in the Home Country list, can I still purchase™ cover?
Yes, we cover virtually everywhere. You can contact us at and we will find a solution for you.
What happens at the end of my Policy
At the end of your annual cover you will be invited to renew and offered a new policy based on the Zones covered at the end of your previous policy
Do we offer cover for luggage, camera equipment or personal items?
No, We only cover you not your personal affects.
Do we offer K&R (Kidnap and ransom) insurance?
Currently we don't offer Kidnap and Ransom insurance for individuals however we are continuing to talk to journalists about their requirements and to our Underwriters about this becoming an option for our clients. If you have a large group and require K&R cover then do call or drop us a line and we can create a bespoke plan that precisely matches your needs.
How do I file a claim?
Making a claim should be as easy and buying a policy. Simply contact 24/7 our specialist emergency assistance partner, Northcott Global Solutions Ltd on:

Tel: +44 (0)207 183 8910
Back up Mobile: +44(0) 7785627433

You can find a link to a full guide of what you need to do in the event of a claim here:

Making a claim
Product information
This product is provided by Isle of Man Assurance Limited (IOMA) with the payments facilitated by their appointed intermediary, AFL Insurance Brokers Ltd. AFL Insurance Brokers Ltd is a Lloyd's Broker and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference No. 308657. AFL Insurance Brokers Ltd is registered in England No. 3575050. Our registered office is: 8 Lloyd’s Avenue, London EC3N3EL.
Making a claim
Can you offer US journalists insurance cover?
Many US journalists struggle to get cover due to the regulatory systems. At™ our structure allows us to offer our insurance, medical and repatriation cover o anyone, anywhere even US journalists and media personnel.
Is this a health insurance policy?
No, it's a travel insurance policy that includes sickness and accident medical expenses outside your home country in all the countries in the Zone you have selected and lower Zones subject to a € or $ 250 deductible per claim. The amount of the cover is limited to the sum insured you have selected.
What medical expenses does my™ plan cover?
Full details of the medical expenses covered by™ plan are set out in the policy wording which can be viewed on our 'Downloads' page:
Downloadable PDF
Am I covered for 'sickness and repatriation' in my own country?
No. You are covered for sickness and repatriation from all the countries in your chosen zone except your home country.
Am I covered under my™ plan if I participate in sports and activities?
Yes. Cover includes accidents while participating in all sports and activities.
Are pre-existing conditions covered under my™ plan?
Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered under™ but only those for which you have not received treatment for a period of 12 months or more.
What happens at the end of my Policy
At the end of your cover you will be invited to renew and offered a new policy.
Can I extend my policy if I plan to travel for longer, for additional trips or to different zones?
You can simply apply online at for additional cover. If you have any problems then please contact us on +44 (0)203 553 1020 or on
How do I renew my™ cover
You can log on to our site at any time, from your PC or your smartphone to buy new or additional cover. If you have any questions at all then do drop us an email or call us for help.
Do you have a Facebook account?
Yes, we share news, views and relevant articles on Facebook.
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How do you determine which country belongs to which Zone?
In every city, region, state and country there are low and high risk areas and probably some people who live in these areas may think we are rating their country incorrectly.

Insurance is all about the anticipated losses based on the statistics the insurer is working with, and based on the information our insurers have they have placed the counties in the zones. If the claims experience is better or worse than expected that may mean a country could be moved into another zone.

If somebody buys a policy and the country they are traveling to is moved up a zone the policy they have bought will be honored and they needn’t worry about having to check. The next policy they buy to that country may cost them more or less depending on the current risk profile of that location

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Please take a moment find us on Twitter. We want to reach as many Freelance journalists as possible as we are often told that they didn't know that low cost, short term insurance cover is available to them so please follow us and share updates you think are relevant.
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Looking for PDF downloads?

You can download our brochures which cover our rates, KeyFacts, terms and conditions all in PDF format for you to keep or share with colleagues. Don’t forget we can tailor cover to the needs of your group, organisation or federation.

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