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ACOS Alliance Offers Insurance for Correspondents and Local Media

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As traditional Western news organizations have downsized or disappeared, the burden of covering some of the world’s toughest stories has fallen to freelancers, who either arrive from other countries or who are citizens of the country they are covering. Reporting these stories usually means working with drivers, fixers or translators. But very few of the people involved in this coverage have been insured, which magnifies the risks they must take. In most cases, they’ve simply been on their own. That’s changing as of the first quarter of 2020. The ACOS...

War-Zone Experience Carries Journalists Into Inauguration Coverage

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Reporters and photographers who are no strangers to conflict are among those assigned to what is usually a day of pageantry. The main concern of journalists covering presidential inaugurations used to be guarding against the January chill. For the swearing-in of Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Wednesday, some reporters and photographers are taking along protective gear used in combat zones. Two weeks after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol in a siege that resulted in five deaths, and aware of warnings of extremist violence and the presence of National Guard...

Sebastián Astorga, fotógrafo y documentalista independiente de Venezuela

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Esta semana tenemos el privilegio de presentar el trabajo del fotógrafo y documentalista independiente, Sebastián Astorga, en una de nuestras más recientes campañas. Los trabajos de Sebastián se han publicado tanto en medios online como diarios de Venezuela y a nivel internacional.

Venezuelan freelance documentary photographer Sebastian Astorga

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This week we’re privileged to showcase the work of Venezuelan freelance documentary photographer Sebastian Astorga in one of our new campaigns.
Sebastian’s work has been published in both Venezuelan and international online media and journals. Sebastian has covered Venezuelan demonstrations against the Government and is extending that to cover social conflicts in Latin America. Documentary photographers like Sebastian risk a great deal to bring us a view of the world that would otherwise be hidden and they deserve our support. You can see more of his work and here: or contact him…